What ages do you teach?

Three years of age is the recommended earliest to begin on violin. We have experience teaching all ages!

Do I need to have an instrument?

You need your own instrument for lessons and individual practice; violins are available to rent or purchase from Star Music Company.

How long will it take to learn to play?

As with any instrument, your development as a player will depend upon the amount of time you put into it.

Our Teachers


Lacy Reese

Lacy Reese graduated from the University of South Carolina with her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. At the same time, she received her Performance Certificate. She completed her studies under the direction of Dr. Gayle Barnes (via the USC String Project) and Dr. William Terwilliger. Lacy has been teaching private students for Star Music Academy since 2015.

Are you ready to play?

Call 803.699.5200 or 803.252.8133 to reserve your lesson time.


$30 / 30 minute lesson.

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Lessons we offer: