Designed from the artisan Selmer Paris saxophones, the Selmer STS301 premium student tenor saxophone features the signature Selmer tone. The rose brass neck combined with a fully ribbed construction creates a rich, warm, and projecting sound. An elegant hand engraving adorns the beautiful gold lacquer, durable nickel plating is on the key work, and the iconic Selmer tri-point bell brace completes its beautiful finish.

Several upgrades were made including the palm key placement and use of premium Pisoni leather pads. Carefully adjusted blue steel needle springs create a light and fast key action for demanding technical passages. Additionally, a 3-phase tone hole leveling process guarantees precisely level tone holes for long-lasting pad seating and stability. Every Selmer saxophone is professionally set up, play-tested, and optimally adjusted at the Conn-Selmer Woodwind Factory located in Elkhart, Indiana.

  • Rich, warm, projecting tone
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Advanced ergonomics for ease of reach and playability
  • Beautiful finish and engraving
  • Light and fast key action

Prior model known as TS400

Selmer STS301 Student Tenor Saxophone

    • Post to rib to body construction
    • Rose brass neck
    • Auxiliary keys: front F, high F# key
    • Hand engraved
    • Blue steel springs
    • Lacquer and nickel-plated keys
    • Adjustable thumb rest
    • Angled left hand spatula keys
    • Double arm bracing on bell keys
    • Pisoni leather pads
    • Metal resonators
    • ABS stackable case
    • Selmer premium mouthpiece