As an affordable option for beginning students, the Prelude CL711 clarinet combines value and performance. 

The small .569” complex bore gives students more resistance that helps develop a well controlled even focused mature sound with better projection at all dynamic levels.

Specially designed drop forged, nickel-silver keys are durable and resistant to bending. 

The brushed composite body uses a denser material to provide a look, sound, and response similar to wood instruments.

Prelude instruments are offered with a stylish lightweight case for easy travel.

Prelude CL711 Composite Student Clarinet

    • Key of Bb
    • ABS Body
    • Nickel Silver Keys
    • Complex Bore
    • Small Bore Size
    • Adjustable Thumb-rest
    • Bladder Pads
    • Plastic Mouthpiece
    • Light Case