Andreas Eastman Master cellos are crafted by a master luthier from the most select, stunningly flamed maple back and a straight medium-grain spruce top. The gold colored oil varnish enhances the tonal quality giving lots of depth and edge. Each instrument is meticulously crafted for optimum sound production. 

Andreas Eastman VC906SBC Master Series Professional Cello Outfit

    • Finish:Oil Varnish
    • Fingerboard:Ebony
    • Top:Bosnian Spruce
    • Ribs:Maple
    • Back:Bosnian Maple
    • Purfling:Genuine Hand-inlaid
    • Bridge:Despiau 2 Tree
    • Fittings:Boxwood with Wittner Tailpiece
    • Available Patterns:Stradivari, Montagnana