How old should you be to take flute lessons?

The flute is a large instrument and the fingers need to be able to stretch down the length of the instrument so the student needs to be big enough to hold it comfortably.  Usually, a student who takes private lessons with us is in middle school or older

Do I need to have an instrument?

Yes.  You do need your own instrument for lessons and home practice; however, Star Music Academy does provide cables and amplifiers for use during lessons.

How long will it take to learn to play?

This depends entirely on your own practice regimen. The more you practice the faster you will advance. The lessons are geared to each individual student so that those who advance faster will move along faster and those who need more time will get it.

Our Teachers

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$30 / 30 minute lesson.

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Antron Rearden

Saxophonist Antron Rearden has been playing the saxophone since the age of eleven. Antron is a native of Columbia, SC. He holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Music from Winthrop University where he studied with Dr. Phil Thompson, and Tim Gordon. He has also studied with Lloyd Weinberg, Dr. David Kirby and world renown Classical saxophonist James Houlik, among others. While at Winthrop he also studied flute and clarinet and has performed on them in various ensembles. After graduation, Antron went to perform with groups, such as, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The O'Jays, Archie Bell, The Drifters, The Fabulous Kays, Right to Party, The Men Of Distinction, Wateree Sax Quartet, Eugene Dykes Big Band, A Sign Of The Times Big Band, The Coalition Big Band Of Charlotte N.C. and The Riverland Band.

Antron believes that music transcends all genres, cultures, and ages.  His musical motto is “Music is the universal language - The world would be a better place if people would dance like no one is looking, sing like no one is listening, and love as if you have never been hurt”.
"Music comes easy to me. I love playing in different settings and for all kinds of occasions; playing for life changing moments brings joy to my soul." - Antron Rearden

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