What ages do you teach?

Any age, from 8 to 88!

What style of banjo do you teach?

I teach the Earl Skruggs (Bluegrass) sound among other styles: rock, jazz, dixieland and classical.

How long will it take to learn to play?

The banjo’s strings are tuned to unique pitches which make a harmonious sound straight away. With the appropriate guidance, a student can progress rather quickly on a banjo. Of course, the more you practice the faster you will advance, and those who need more time will get it.

Our Teachers


Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens has taught more than 2500 students on guitar, bass, and other fretted stringed instruments over the last 42 years.  For the last 15 years, Eric has been a teacher with Star Music Academy.  

After touring the United States in both rock and R&B bands, Eric earned his degree at the University of South Carolina where he studied both classical guitar and music composition. Eric went on to lead his own Hendrix cover band, in addition to a specialization in interpreting the works of Django Reinhardt. His musical activities have included arranging music, performing with theater orchestras, and producing and performing for radio and TV commercials.  He is fluent in a wide range of styles including Classical, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Bossa (Brazilian) and Carnatic (Indian Classical) music.

Eric found his passion in teaching.  He has shared his gifts not only in the recording studio, but also in public and private schools.  Now the author of an original guitar method, Eric currently offers instruction in guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and music theory and composition.


Eric is a master at the banjo. I've taken over 2 years + and he really takes time to explain everything as well as challenge students. I've worked with Eric throughout the years, and the one thing I like about his technique is that you leave with written lessons each time with chord progressions and songs. You will be getting the BEST with Eric on banjo.  - Bob Arndt

Are you ready to play?

Call 803.699.5200 or 803.252.8133 to reserve your lesson time.


$30 / 30 minute lesson.

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